Mazda’s KODO ‘Soul of Motion’ Design Philosophy


Mazda has recently adopted the new KODO motion design in their new line of cars for the upcoming year. The new Mazda’s look excellent with their stunning sharp edges that look like a sharp blade of a sword slicing through the air while it drives by. The design was meant to represent an ease of motion which the car seems to be doing very well in. It is not hard to tell that the design is going to be an aerodynamic design and will aim at reducing wind hindrance to ensure a smoother drive.

The design according to the new KODO motion is built in a lean and agile manner. There is a lot of attention given to detail, and the elegance of the final product is quite ostensible. The vehicle emits grace and seems like a nimble creature ready to pounce onto the tarmac without losing control or sensibilities. The design is also very futuristic, and would appeal to anyone who wishes to move ahead in life. The vehicles launched under the similar design framework display bold expressions. Since the current generation, Mazda had come up with the new futuristic design, and with the current state of affairs they have ensured the legacy remains.

The new vehicles to be launched under the KODO soul of motion design scheme are the Mazda2 Mazda3, the Mazda 6, CX-5, CX-9 and finally, the first small SUV to be rolled out by Mazda, the Mazda CX-3. Check out all these models at CardinaleWay Mazda Peoria after their launch.






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