8 Car Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Mazda in Great Shape

As of 2022, the average vehicle in the US lasts just over 12 years. Mazdas are renowned for their comfort, handling, and longevity. However, there are still vehicle maintenance steps you can take to maximize their lifespan.

These will keep your trips smooth and safe. We've put together a brief list of what you should include in your Mazda maintenance schedule. Let's dive in.

1. Tire Inspections

Regular tire inspections are essential for proper vehicle care. Get in the habit of checking your tire pressure and tire condition.

If you notice your tires are worn, it's best to replace them sooner rather than later. The last thing you want is to have a tire burst while on the road.

Not only can this leave you stranded, but it's also highly dangerous. You can consult your Mazda's manual for info on how much pressure in pounds per square inch (psi) your tires need.

If you don't have access to your manual, you can check Mazda's website for information on your model. It's also recommended to rotate your tires every 5,000 miles to 10,000 miles. This helps distribute wear and tear across all four tires.

2. Check Your Fluids

It's important to keep an eye on your transmission fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, and brake fluid. Maintaining these at sufficient levels is necessary for your car to run properly.

Check under the hood occasionally to ensure your levels are high enough. Driving your Mazda with low fluid levels could cause damage over time.

Those who want to keep their fluid levels topped off can purchase small containers of the appropriate fluid. If you notice your levels declining, you can simply add more.

3. Look For Leaks

After leaving your car parked for a few hours, check to see if there are stains on the ground. These are indicative of fluid leaks. You can identify the type of fluid by the color of the stain.

Your car's power steering fluid is red, and its brake fluid is yellowish brown. Oil is usually dark brown or black. Transmission fluid is reddish brown.

Understanding this information will help you resolve the issue faster. You can get in touch with a certified Mazda technician and let them know a specific fluid is leaking.

4. Test Your Lights

Check your lights every few weeks. Make sure your blinkers, headlights, and brake lights are working. You can ask a friend or family member to help you check your brake lights.

If nobody is available, place a heavy object on your brake pedal while your car is parked. Examine your brake lights to make sure they both function properly and are sufficiently bright. Driving with dim or broken lights often leads to getting pulled over, which can be highly inconvenient.

5. Get Regular Oil Changes

This is one of the most important auto maintenance steps to take. Driving with low oil levels can cause significant damage to your engine.

By extension, this reduces your Mazda's lifespan. Check your oil level every month to identify potential issues.

If your levels are lower than they should be, there's an underlying issue you need to address ASAP. More often than not, this is due to an oil leak.

You can confirm this by looking for stains underneath your car after leaving it parked. In some situations, your engine could burn more oil than it should. A reputable auto care professional can assess your vehicle and identify the root of the problem.

6. Replace Your Air Filters

Dirty or clogged engine air filters can allow dirt and debris into your engine. This reduces its efficiency.

Most people should replace their engine air filter every 20,000 to 30,000 miles. It's best to consult your manual for a definitive answer.

Although it's possible to change your filter yourself, you should let a professional handle this job. Cabin air filters are designed to keep your car free of dust, pollen, and similar pollutants.

These filters get clogged over time and become less effective. Common signs of clogged cabin air filters include hearing a whistling sound from air ducts or smelling a musty odor in your car. Not only could this make your driving experience less pleasant, it could potentially lead to health issues.

7. Routinely Test Your Battery

No car batteries last forever, and it's crucial to understand where your battery is in its lifespan. Testing your battery is a straightforward process if you have a multimeter. This method takes seconds to complete and will convey your battery's current voltage levels.

If you don't have this device, you can take your Mazda to a dealership for professional testing. It's also possible to test your battery without using either of these resources.

To start, turn on your headlights but not your engine. After 10 minutes or so, turn on your car. If your headlights dim or flicker as the engine turns on, this could mean you need to replace your battery soon.

Another sign your battery is near the end of its life is the presence of corrosion. Corrosion occurs when battery acid reacts with the metal terminals that hold it in place.

It's often blue, green, white, or brown in color. Be careful when cleaning this substance, as it can be harmful.

Corrosion can drastically reduce your battery's longevity. This is especially true if you don't check your battery for weeks or months at a time.

8. Check Your Brakes

Car brakes require regular inspections. Listen attentively for abnormal noises when braking. Stay aware of shuddering or vibration when using your brakes.

The cause of these issues is almost always mechanical problems. They'll only get worse over time without professional attention. Driving with brake issues is highly dangerous and can lead to accidents.

If you notice brake problems, schedule an appointment with a repair professional as soon as you can. This will help you resolve the issue and stay safe on the road.

Never Neglect Your Mazda Maintenance Schedule

Taking great care of your Mazda will ensure that you get the most out of its lifespan. It may even last longer than expected. Prioritize your Mazda maintenance schedule so you can keep your car running smoothly.

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