2023 Mazda CX-5 Specs: What You Need to Know

Mazda has a long and proud history as one of Japan's premier auto lines. In the beginning, though, Mazda was a little-known machine tools manufacturer out of Hiroshima.

These days, it's a world leader whose vehicles receive accolades from top car enthusiasts. The CX lineup is one they give special praise to in particular. This year, they welcomed one of their best yet to the family: the 2023 Mazda CX-5.

The CX-5 is Mazda's upscale, chic SUV crossover for drivers who like a bit of athletic handling. Before you make it yours, join us for a quick overview of the 2023 Mazda CX-5 specs.

New Changes to 2023 Mazda CX-5 Specs

The CX-5 is a sibling to the CX-50, a similarly-sized and similarly-priced competitor. Both are excellent SUVs, providing plenty of options to choose from. 

Most of the crowd-pleasing specs from last year remain in this model. It's not a drastic overhaul, but there are a number of excellent upgrades to sweeten the deal. Let's go into greater detail below.


When you buy a Mazda, you get an excellent spread between budget-friendly and high-performance options. The CX-5 starts around $28,000 for its base model. This crawls up in increments of $1,000-$2,000 to the turbocharged signature model.

This year includes an upgraded 256-horsepower engine for turbocharged models. Coupled with Mazda's unique athletic handling, these performance offerings bring on the full Mazda experience. 

Engine and Performance

Even in the base model, the four-cylinder 187-hp engine has an excellent throttle response. Drivers note that it feels very quick, more than it might appear at first glance. Acceleration for merging and overtaking is at its best with the 256-hp version.

Regardless of the version you purchase, you get the same all-wheel drive and six-speed automatic transmission. An easy Sunday drive allows for comfortable cornering and precise steering. The suspension makes even the roughest roads commotion-less, including the occasional dirt path.

Mazda's world-renowned dampening keeps engine noise and tire grumble to a minimum. With electric assist steering, you'll get a proper response when tackling curved roads. The brakes are responsive without being too touchy.

Gas Mileage and Fuel Economy

Your Mazda CX-5 gas mileage will depend on which engine option you select. Expect 24 city mpg for the 2.5 L base engine or 30 mpg highway. Select the turbo option and you will get 22 city mpg and 27 for the highway. 

In terms of "real world" mpg, this is about 32 mpg for the base model. Expect 30 mpg on the turbo. By "real world," we include a mix of everyday suburban, city, and highway driving.

Towing Capacity and Payload Size

Crossovers like the Mazda usually have middling towing capacity, such as the Honda CR-V or Volkswagen Tiguan. That's not the case here. Towing capacity gives you an ample 2,000 pounds. The CX-5's sibling, the CX-50, bumps that number up to 3,500 at max specs.

This makes your CX-5 ideal for small trailers and pop-up campers. You'll easily be able to bring the whole family, plus camping gear and a few dirt bikes. 

Interior Design and Comfort Options

The interior provides a spacious five-passenger cabin with four doors. Backseat legroom can be a bit tight, so it's preferable for the kids. 

When you purchase a Mazda, your friends might mistake it for an Audi or a Mercedes. That is, if you blindfold them and have them see it first from the inside.

Mazda does not skimp one iota on the interior upholstery and design. There's an upscale layout with first-rate materials. Comfort is a priority here; just take the floor-hinged pedals or the same-height front-seat armrests.

Exterior Options

Paint colors include the following:

  • Soul red "chrystal" metallic 
  • Rhodium white metallic
  • Eternal blue mica
  • Jet black mica
  • Sonic silver metallic
  • Deep "chrystal" blue mica
  • Machine gray metallic 
  • Polymetal gray metallic

You can upgrade to the snazzy snowflake white pearl paint for only $395. The addition of a rear bumper guard will set you back $125.

Connectivity and Infotainment

Mazda includes all the desirable smart features. There's a navigation and infotainment touchscreen with full support for smartphone control. It measures 10.3 inches and includes knobs and controllers for that preferable tactile feel.

Your CX-5 gives you added control via steering-wheel-operated buttons and voice commands. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay get full support for all models in the lineup. If your smartphone can do it, then your car can as well.

If you subscribe to Mazda Connected Services, then you get access to the remote vehicle functions. This allows you to control the vehicle through a Wi-Fi hotspot and smartphone app combination.

You'll find all sorts of helpful holders and storage nooks for your smart devices. 

Cargo Area

There's plenty of cargo space for everyone in the vehicle. In the back, you can fit approximately 9 carry-on suitcases, as an example.

Seats to fold down for extra, full-vehicle cargo space. Thanks to towing capacity, there's nothing stopping you from bringing along a covered trailer for some extra room.

Smart Safety Features

Your new Mazda does not lag behind the competition in terms of smart features. The driver-assistance technology suite is comprehensive, featuring the following:

  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Lane-keeping assist 
  • Lane-departure warnings
  • Pedestrian detection
  • Automated emergency braking

Thanks to these features, you and your loved ones stay extra safe. Long drives are more enjoyable since the vehicle keeps to its lane and speed for long stretches with minimal intervention. You get an extra set of eyes in case a pedestrian leaps out into the crosswalk before you can react.

Warranty and Coverage

In addition to the warranty provided by your Mazda dealership, you get guaranteed manufacturer warranties. This includes the following:

  • Powertrain warranty for five years or 60,000 miles
  • Limited warranty for three years or 36,000 miles

There is no complementary maintenance package. We recommend taking your Mazda to an authorized dealership for upkeep and repairs.

Buy a Mazda at Cardinale Way Mazda Peoria

The 2023 Mazda CX-5 specs make it the best Mazda in this lineup to date. It's a stunner of a vehicle, both internally and externally, with power and pep to match. It includes all the modern driver-assist features, plus some nifty smart additions for the modern age.

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